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SwiftAlarm!'s Pocket Alarm

...on the Way to School and Back Home

Protect your child from assault on the way to school with the SwiftAlarm! Pocket Alarm. Once triggered, its siren sounds up to 120 db (A), louder than any scream, to scare off the attacker and alert passers-by or residents to the dangerous situation. The practical holder allows it to be attached to the school bag and is always ready when your son or daughter is in danger. The siren is triggered by pulling it off the retaining ring and cannot be switched off by the attacker. In the best case, he leaves his DNA on the hardware during the attempt. 

We support schools in protecting their students from violent criminals with our group offers. Take advantage of our group offer.


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SwiftAlarm!'s NoPanicSet

...on the Road for Business or Pleasure

Get all-round protection with the SwiftAlarm! NoPanicSet. Whether on your way home from friends, the night shift or the club: The SOS Pocket Alarm screams deafeningly when you can't, and your emergency contacts are informed about your whereabouts (GPS) via a free app. The NoPanicSet can be attached to your handbag or keychain. 


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SwiftAlarm!'s SOS Sensor

...for your Mother or Father in their Old Age

A fall on the stairs, feeling unwell on the walk - SwiftAlarm!'s free Emergency Call App allows your parents to call for help at the touch of a button in age-related emergency situations - no matter where they are. First responders are informed of their exact whereabouts (GPS) and can initiate help measures. A professional help center is available 24/7 and can be booked for an extra charge. SwiftAlarm! is cost-effective and can also be used on the move compared to conventional home emergency call systems: because accidents do not only happen where you live, but also where you are. A helper can take over the installation for you. It is very easy to use. ​

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SwiftAlarm!'s Pocket Alarm

...at Sports and on the Way there

Whether jogging or on your way to the gym: The SwiftAlarm! SOS Pocket Alarm protects you from assaults. By pressing the sensor three times, emergency contacts are informed via SMS about your exact location (GPS). You can attach the SOS pocket alarm to your sports bag or clothes. When you release it from the holder, a siren sounds which, in an emergency, will shout at up to 120 db (A) to deter the attacker. The patented SwiftAlarm! technology also secures the perpetrator's DNA.

Sirene Notruf SOS

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SwiftAlarm!'s SOS Sensor

...if You are Chronically Ill

With our emergency call system you can lead a self-determined and independent life despite your chronic illness! The free SwiftAlarm!  Notrufapp is used for diabetes or epilepsy. By pressing a button directly in the app or on the sensor, an emergency call is sent to a stored first responder in case of danger, who transmits your exact location (GPS). In this way, relief measures can be initiated quickly. In contrast to conventional home emergency call systems, the free app functions location-independently. You can combine it with the sensor for your handbag or keychain.


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SwiftAlarm!'s NoPanicSet

...at the Workplace and on the Dark Way Home

Protect your employees at work or on the way there! The patented SwiftAlarm! Technology is used wherever employees work at unusual times or come into contact with unpredictable people. Whether nurse, geriatric nurse, petrol station employee, taxi driver, etc. - SwiftAlarm! offers individual, mobile and cost-effective security solutions for every business. 

If you are an employer, you can find further information here...


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